Church reopening

Good news from the Parliament last Thursday that we shall be moving into Phase 2 of our gradual re-emergence into society as the Government’s Route Map and the Church’s own Route Map, based on Holyrood’s and parallel to it. Accordingly,

  • FROM MONDAY 22ND JUNE, 2020, our Churches are able re-open for private prayer.
  • Suitable preparations have been made as non-touch sanitizer dispensers have been mounted for your use as you come in, pews have been cordoned off and available pews measured respecting the 2 meter gap and a small committee for volunteers organized and soon to receive their training.
  • St. Stephen’s church will officially open on Tuesday the 23rd from 1.00 pm -3.30 pm. During this time, there will be exposition of the blessed sacrament for one hour. Divine Mercy chaplet will be heard prayed at 3.00 pm. Please no group or organized prayers but only individual/private prayer.
  • There will be sanitary/antiseptic wipes at the end of the pew. Each occupant is kindly asked to wipe down the pew before leaving.  Particularly necessary where one mass follows another. Please use them to wipe the pew after you and please use the sanitizer on your way out of the church.
  • Toilet facilities will also be equipped with antiseptic wipes for each individual to clean behind them before they leave.
  • St. Stephen’s church will be open daily from 1.00 pm -3.00 pm whenever I am with the compound.
  • When public mass resumes, we are considering 3 weekend masses, all in St. Stephen’s church. Each of these 3 masses is specifically tailored for a particular group – vigil for families, 9.30 for St Luan and St Mary’s parishioners, 11.00 for senior citizens. The benefits of that are – clarity, maintenance of community of St Mary’s and St Luan’s, increased safety for older people. Weekday masses will be Tuesday 10 am and Wednesday at 7.00pm St. Stephens; Thursday 10.00 am and Friday 10.00 am St. Luan’s Alyth. This will be a temporary arrangement as long as social distancing rules are in place. We may have to review this after one month and get feedbacks to find a way forward.
  • Extra seating spaces within two meter sitting range is in place in the upstairs hall for any overflows experienced.
  • When public mass resumes, managing social distancing on entry and exit will take longer than usual and so, we may have to consider arriving in enough time for mass.
  • Please find on page two in the newsletter of this week, a note on safeguarding from Mrs. Linda Forsyth our parish safeguarding officer.
  • Please find attached herein, two files On Funeral briefing and Reopening places of worship briefing.

This 12th Sunday, of the Ordinary Time of the Year we give thanks to God for the hope of a new dawn as we gradually return to private prayer and eventually to a fuller participation of public mass. In the light of such a hope of what is to come, the words of Christ ‘Do not be afraid’ makes meaning. Please follow this link for the mass of this Sunday.

Other information:

Please follow the links below:

  1. Reopening places of worship briefing
  2. Funeral briefing
  3. Guidance and Resources:  There are more details on directives during this period of COVID19. Please follow the link to Bishop Conference Of Scotland These documents have been developed by the Bishops’ advisory groups to inform, advise and support parish communities about how to plan for churches re-opening to the public. As these documents are updated, the “Modified date” will indicate the most recent version available.