Message from the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of Scotland

Beloved parishioners,

Please find attached below, a forwarded message from the Catholic Bishop’s Conference of Scotland.

It is obvious that this Covid-19 has brought changes to every aspect of our lives. Our daily activities have been put on hold, the system has totally changed, panic buying and stockpiling is now the order of the day. Jobs, schools, church activities, social gatherings, even friendly visits have been suspended. Some places are on lockdown. What can we say? We are making these sacrifices for life and health. We are terrified by the devastating spread and effects of this pandemic.

But I assure you that with God, we will surely survive these trying times, just as we have done in the past. However, we can also make the best of this time.

This period allows us time to reflect on the essence of life and to learn that nothing is indispensable, that life is the highest value and that everything in life can be put on hold just to save it. So let us make the best of this moment by taking the necessary precautions we need to remain healthy and making our stay at home more promising through mutual sharing of love.

The faithful are dispensed from masses on Sundays and holy days of obligation and are asked to make other act of a spiritual devotions such as the Liturgy of the Hours, meditation on the Holy Scriptures, Act of Spiritual Communion, following Televised or Streamed Mass and praying for the sick and the vulnerable.

I keep remembering you in my private prayers and masses, as I request you pray with and for one another. And also pray for me. Please pass on this information to those who email addresses are not on the list.

Remain lifted and stay safe.

With my best regards,