Father Gregory E. Umunna Biography

Gregory Ejiogu Umunna I was born in Eziama-Ubulu, South East Nigeria 1968 during the Biafra war that raged between 1967-1970 and claimed the lives of over three million people including my immediate older brother Cajethan. My life was spared through Divine providence. My parents were devout Catholics, and this gave me both stability and an early start in my faith … Read More

Church reopening

Good news from the Parliament last Thursday that we shall be moving into Phase 2 of our gradual re-emergence into society as the Government’s Route Map and the Church’s own Route Map, based on Holyrood’s and parallel to it. Accordingly, FROM MONDAY 22ND JUNE, 2020, our Churches are able re-open for private prayer. Suitable preparations have been made as non-touch sanitizer … Read More